Your Child’s Home-Away-From Home

Nearly a Decade Providing Exceptional Quality Care

Kindergartener with kids group after lesson in classroom at a Preschool & Daycare Serving New Braunfels, TX

Your Child’s Home-Away-From Home

Nearly a Decade Providing Exceptional Quality Care

Family-Owned And Operated at a Preschool & Daycare Serving New Braunfels, TX

Family-Owned And
Operated: We Give
All The Love Of Home

Mother-and-daughter team Patricia and Kallie Norman are co-directors who oversee all aspects of school operations. This dynamic duo ensures that every child who walks through their doors – and every family, too – gets the love, attention, and care they deserve. 

Experience In Early Childhood Education Inspires Curricula

With their many years of combined experience in education, the Normans have created a unique blend of teaching philosophies and curricula that allows teachers to focus on a personalized approach for every child. 

Early Childhood Education at a Preschool & Daycare Serving New Braunfels, TX
Connect With The Academy’s Owners at a Preschool & Daycare Serving New Braunfels, TX

Connect With The Owners Directly When You Need To

Patricia and Kallie are always available for direct messaging to address your questions and concerns. When they make themselves available to you, you can comfortably rely on their expertise and knowledge that your child is in good hands.  

Your Child Grows Through Art, Outdoor Play, & Community

The curriculum includes outdoor free play, art, and plenty of time with friends. Through these activities, your child learns creative problem-solving and self expression. Daily interactions with their peers build children’s social-emotional toolkit.

Through these core values
we have an IMPACT on
the world around us!


Eco-Healthy Child Care® Certified centers adopt practices that help us care for the environment. Instead of bleach, we use PureGreen24™, a hospital-grade, plant-based disinfectant, to keep our school free of dirt and germs. Water is a precious resource, so rain is collected in barrels to water the grass and garden in our yard. Also, a greywater recycling system is in place to process and clean hand-washing water, which will be used again to flush toilets. 

Upon entering our Sensory Room, you will notice a large mosaic representing a large tree and nature around it. Small garage doors open up to the outside classroom and garden to let plenty of sunlight and fresh air in. Props, activities, and decorations change in the Sensory Room to match themes studied in the classroom.  

The Reggio Emilia concept of 100 Languages speaks to the endless ways a child can create. Art is used as a way of thinking, a channel for children to tangibly express how they understand the world around them. Through the process of creating art, children develop fine motor and problem-solving skills. 

Our Outdoor Classroom is dubbed “Chelsea’s Garden” to honor the late Chelsea Norman, a precious part of our family who passed away after an accident involving a drunk driver. Chelsea was an avid gardener and loved spending time outdoors. Chelsea’s spirit lives on in the garden area, where children can explore their natural surroundings and grow vegetables and herbs,
Conscious Discipline® is a system of behavior management strategies used in the classroom to facilitate socio-emotional learning. Our teachers use Conscious Discipline® to model kindness and compassion in all their interactions with the children.

Generation Mindful® is a system where caregivers and children work together to identify and reflect on feelings and create an awareness of how emotions affect a person. The Generation Mindful® philosophy aligns well with our beliefs of teaching by example, teaching through play, and that every moment is an opportunity for learning.

Free play and teacher-led exercises indoors, in our yard, and the outdoor classroom focuses on gross motor skills such as running, jumping, spinning, and climbing. Fine motor skills are achieved by creating art, manipulating materials, and playing with loose parts.

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